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Beverage label, 6-pack packaging design, branding campaign and 15 second commercial spot

OK, you are moving up in the world as a designer. All your design experience will be necessary for this one. Go research a liquid beverage and design a brand. You pick your poison. Design a label, 6-pack carrier, branding series of posters (3) (retask for magazine ads) and a 15 seccond commercial. Depending upon … Read More

Prepping for future photo shoots

I want you to watch this youtube video concerning the Alien Bees photography strobes we will be using in upcoming assignments. Familiarize yourself with the equipment so you won't be terrified of it when the time comes. We do have a photo lighting studio on the second floor and the Viscom program has these stobes … Read More

Time Sheet and Estimate Sheet

Here's the links for the pdf's for the time and estimate sheet. Download Estimate Sheet Download Student Project Time Sheet

Full-page Newspaper Article Page Design

In keeping with the food theme we are currently working on… I have a new design. A full-page, 4-color newspaper article about Ramen noodles and creative recipes for their use. Information appropriate for college students, right. Should be fun and something you can practice your studio photography skills. Find the Lets Eat layout shell Folder … Read More

Jazz Combo Promotion

In keeping with finding really bad posters to redesign… Redesign the Truman State University Music Department Jazz Combo poster, ad and website animated banner. Again, come up with a catchy concept to base your design and artwork upon. Stating really big in the headline with what the event is, is not a concept. Concept drives … Read More

Revision for S of I Poster

Hi guys, I was looking a bit closer at the folding specs for the 20 x 26" Society of Illustrators poster/direct mailer. Fold the poster in half vertically and then twice (tri-fold) horizontally for an overall folded size of 8.66 x 10 inches. This will work better overall. 

Black History Month Poster

Oh, the fireballs are starting to flow. You are still functioning as a advertersing/promotional designer… I have found a new assignment for our most reliable client – yes, TSU. This time we are revisiting something familiar, a concept/promotional poster for Black History Month. This is very similar to the Native American Heritage Month poster assignment. … Read More

Only You Can Design This!

New client assignment this time. The U.S. Government – big bucks, deep pockets, the sky is the limit. This awareness campaign is a long-standing effort by the national forest service to reduce forest fires in our national parks. So, it is targeting a broad audience range – young/old, male/female. These ads (series of three) will … Read More

Gone Fish’n

I know everyone will love this design. This is a four-color, 2-page advertising spread and a four-color POP (Point of Purchase) display for Rapala Fishing Lures. On my public folder look for rapalaspreadcopy.rtf. This ad will be placed in any number of national outdoor, hunting/fishing magazines. You are selling crank bait lures. Just what you … Read More

Page Layout

So, to help you with your layout development process… I have put into the Viscom 2 folder in my public folder a chapter from an old advertising design text book concerning layout stages and formats. That is the document name, Layout stages and Formats.pdf. Grab it and read it. It might help out. Also inside … Read More