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Blog, Blog, Blog!

Get to blogging on your blog sites. I'm not seeing consistent effort on the student blogs. I do factor blogging activity into the midterm and final grade. FYI.

Hi guys, OK. The sign up for those interested in the 1 credit hour Independent study is closed. Yes, Krisen you have been added to the list. I'm working on some of the logistics in getting you all going. Keep an eye out for emails from me.

Revision for S of I Poster

Hi guys, I was looking a bit closer at the folding specs for the 20 x 26" Society of Illustrators poster/direct mailer. Fold the poster in half vertically and then twice (tri-fold) horizontally for an overall folded size of 8.66 x 10 inches. This will work better overall. 

Want some inspiration?

This is for the Type Specimen assignment… but, if you want some ideas try googling "Type Specimen" and look at all the pretty layouts. Same works when you type "Jazz Poster". Although, most are thin on concept – but they are cool looking. Should give you an idea of the quality level expected for the … Read More

Blog, Blog, Blog!

If you haven't already, make sure you get me your blog link to add to this blog and start blogging your thoughts about the assignments, post examples of your work as you go along and give me something interesting to read.

Post Mid-term

OK, we are now pushing to the end of the semester. I have figured out how much time we have left for the new designs I will be giving you. You essentially have 36 in-class hours left. Using the formula that you should be spending 2 hours outside of class for every hour in class, … Read More

Page Layout

So, to help you with your layout development process… I have put into the Viscom 2 folder in my public folder a chapter from an old advertising design text book concerning layout stages and formats. That is the document name, Layout stages and Formats.pdf. Grab it and read it. It might help out. Also inside … Read More

Pimping for design work

Just wanted to give you a heads up for the Annual Juried Student Exhibition coming up. Make sure you guys find and submit some design or illustration work to the Student Art Competition. I want to see some your design work in the show this year.

TIps and pet peeves

Let's see. What tips did I give you today? Reasons why to be wary of reversed text on black and color backgrounds. Nesting files Setting up facing pages in InDesign Printing duplex on the laser printer How to manage negative space in a design – what are you trying to do with negative space? "Sexed" … Read More

Deserted Island Type List

We talked about this today. I want you to imagine being stranded on a deserted island with you laptop… what a weak set up. You can have only five typefaces to work with for your monkey clients. What typefaces you would select?  Choose carefully, these are the typefaces you will have to choose from until … Read More