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Midterm portfolio

Two and a half weeks until mid-term break. Yippee! In preparation for midterm, start thinking and prepping to assemble your midterm portfolio – yes, the first of two grading opportunities you have for the semester. Everything I have assigned up to midterm should be included in the midterm portfolio – a total of 5 assignments … Read More

What have you learned?

OK, time to see if you have learned anything from the first ten assignments. This assignment is one that I will grade in your portfolio. Find an on-campus poster or promotion and redesign it. Go find the ugliest poster on the bulletin boards that desperately needs your design help. Choose carefully. Figure out who it … Read More

Midterm Portfolio

Midterm is coming real soon – early March. What I'm wanting you to have ready on March 4th is a portfolio of your best designs to date. Any design included in the portfolo has to have been "approved" by me. If you want to use an unapproved design or even modify an already approved design, … Read More

Midterm portfolio

Have your portfolio examples and your blog thoughts and production information about each layout posted on Wednesday 14th.

Midterm portfolio

I went through and counted up the exercises and projects and I agree that having 10 designs in the midterm portfolio is too many. Start looking through everything we have designed so far and pick your six best layouts. The six can be exercises and projects. You can rework anything that is being submitted to … Read More