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Final Portfolio

OK, here is the info about wrapping up this semester. Final portfolio consist of… 1. All print items from midterm printed, mounted and/or assembled. – Due on Monday (by end of class). 2. All web/motion items since midterm posted on the blog – Due by 11:59:59 p.m., Monday 3. One final art production folder (with … Read More

Wrapping up

OK, here are the final portfolio specs. I want a high-res, print quality portfolio of fifteen examples of your best work. One multiple-page .pdf – Make it easy on me. Drop into my Public folder If it it is 3D, I want nicely photographed images of the final product(s) (packaging, POP, CD/DVD, pamphlets, brochures) – … Read More

Final Portfolio Specs

Here are the final portfolio specs. I want a blog portfolio and a multiple-page pdf portfolio of ten of your best designs from this semester. Anything included in the portfolio has to be approved by me first. Four pre mid-term designs and six post mid-term designs. Include all components of the assignments as one "design" … Read More

Final Portfolio

Time to start prepping for your final portfolio. Here is what I want to see included. Total of 8 of your best designs – Exercises and Projects. The Red Barn campaign, Joe Six-Pack, and the CD packaging/label counts as one design. I want one multiple-page .pdf of the designs you select – turned in on … Read More