Brochures are your friend

Brochures are your friend

March 19, 2014

OK, I talked about this in class. We are going to do a multiple page design – a brochure. So, here are the devious specifications for the project.

8 to 12 page, 4-color brochure, 11 x 17, full bleed throughout and saddle-stitched. Simple, right? Remember how to set this up correctly? What is a reader spread vs a printer spread? Ask in class.

This is a promotional or informational brochure about something local (Kirksville, Macon, Greentop, Milan) You decide.

You have to provide the copy for this assignment – real copy about the subject. Minimum of 5000 words. Proof read it. Photography and/or illustration is required. Nothing acquired – you make it or shoot it.


Research: 1 hour
Layout and design: 24 hours
Photography/illustration/graphics: 6 hours
Copy writing: 2 hours
Production: 1 hour
Total 34 hours

Deadline: April 11