Midterm portfolio

Midterm portfolio

February 19, 2014

Two and a half weeks until mid-term break. Yippee! In preparation for midterm, start thinking and prepping to assemble your midterm portfolio – yes, the first of two grading opportunities you have for the semester.

Everything I have assigned up to midterm should be included in the midterm portfolio – a total of 5 assignments with all their various components. All 5 assignments must be submitted in a blog portfolio. You will select 3 of the 5 assignments for me to grade. You make the selection – not me. Don't ask. Again, if I approved it, I can at least guarantee you a C. Please note which ones I have approved. This is a blog submission.

Portfolio requirements

  • All components of each assignment (Print, webpages, web banners, animated banners)
  • Repost midterm submissions on your blog and title the post(s) in some manner that I can tell it is your midterm portfolio
  • In your post, I want to see a budget/time analysis of what was budgeted verses what you actually spent on each assignment. How efficient have you been working to complete an assignment? I have all the time sheets you have turned in so far, so if you need to review and tally up what you spent on each assignment.
  • Also, in your posts. I want a brief blurb of self-reflection. What are you good at or bad at? What have you learned – if anything? Have you had any Ah ha moments? Give me something interesting to read.
  • I am also grading the blog – essentially your blog has been your process book for the semester. If you haven't been blogging regularly – oh man, your screwed.
  • Select one assignment (print portion only) to turn in to me (live InDesign packaged files) to  my public folder. I an checking your production art. This is a pass/fail portion of the midterm. Your production is either right or wrong. So don't do all the bad things that student designers tend to do in production art. Do you know what they are? Ask, and I can go over the bad, bad things.
  • I want two assignments (print only), inkjet printed out and mounted for presentation. I want to put these up on the walls over midterm – proof that you have actually accomplished something this semester.

Anyway, start thinking about your midterm.

I want your midterm portfolio submitted on March 7th.