Food Spreads

Food Spreads

February 14, 2014

OK, so now instead of being an advertising designer you are going to be a designer in the publishing industry.

You have two, 2-page spreads to work on. My intent for you designing these two spreads is to figure how to work with the extremes these two layouts represent. One is text heavy and one is text light. You will have to rely on design fundamentals for structure – yes, that's code for "use a frigg'n grid" – good typsetting along with strong imagery. I want you to shoot your own photography for these spreads. Read the copy, get some ideas of what to shoot. You can work in photographic teams – up to 3 people – use the photo lighting equipment upstairs. Remember these layouts are for Time and National Geographic magazines – this is a very high bar for photography excellence.

For the "web" component. This isn't so much a web design component… it is more a presentation of what the article would look like in the existing web page template. Does this make sense? It is more about dropping the content into the web template to give an audience in a presentation an idea of what it would look. I know, this is a bit of an awkward way of integrating a web component into this assignment, but humor me anyway.

Budget: 14 hours.


  • Photo shoot – 2 hours
  • Layout: How Safe – 4 hours
  • Layout: Secret of Feeeling Full – 4 hours
  • Web retask, CPU Browser, iPad – 4 hours – plenty of time pad in this category.

Due Monday, February 24th.

Utilize the class periods next week to get feedback from me. Shoot to have your layouts approved by the 24th – done and ready to move on to the next assignment. Keep the lighting studio organized when you shoot your stuff and pick your mess when done.

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