Design across devices

Design across devices

January 22, 2014

Here is the info I promised about the Type assignment.

You are working for a bogus type foundry company – you get to name it and create the company identity.This assignment has three components to it. These components (devices) would be used to communicate various messages to an audience at a trade show.

First off is a promotional company pamphlet – 8.5 x 14" (legal sized paper), 2-color front and back – full bleed. Fold to either self-mail or fit in #10 envelope when not be handed out at the trade show booth. This little device is multi-purpose. Content for this pamphlet is up to you depending upon what you decide it should communicate.

Second is the type specimin poster. 2-color, one side, no bleed – 20 x 26". This poster is to highlight a specific typeface you type company sells. Everything on this poster is in the typeface you choose to use. The content of the poster should contain the title of the typeface, the entire alphabet and numerals – upper and lower case, a pangram (The quick brown fox…) and a brief paragraph of copy about the typeface (history, interesting facts, ?…)

Third is a company webpage design. (this is only the site design – not the coding – you can do the page layout in InDesign). How would you design this companies site? The website is where your other two tradeshow devices are directing your audience.

Photos allowed (no aquired images – shoot your own) on the pamphlet and website. The poster is only type.

Anyway, this assignment is fairly open for you to define as the creative/designer. I'm a client with a tradeshow to attend and I know I need these three things. What are you going to do to dazzle me and solve my problem? You get to conceptualize, design, write copy and sell. Everything a hot-blooded graphic designer dreams about.

These three items are due next Weds, 29th. Budget is 12 hours for these three designs.


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