Critical Thinking in Design

Critical Thinking in Design

January 6, 2014

In support of the university goals in developing strong critical thinking skills in our students, the visual communications program integrates critical thinking into this course.

Five categories for critical thinking exist in the art department

  1. Indentifies, summarizes, and appropriately formulates the thesis, creative challenge, or problem to be explored
  2. Indentifies, and considers contexts (e.g. relevant contemporary or art historical references as well as writings from art history, art criticism, and critical theory).
  3. Considers and selects from a variety of formal options (materials, techniques, scale, composition) as appropreate to the concept or aesthetic strategy
  4. Indentifies and resolves issues arising from critique, audience response, and practical challenges t assess and strenghten the work
  5. Creates a visual solution that is well-crafted, well-presentd, and effectively engages the audience

These five categories are assessed at four differnet levels…

  1. Emerging
  2. Growing
  3. Developing
  4. Mastering

ART321 Visual Communications II is assessing critical thinking at the Developing level.

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