Wrapping up

Wrapping up

April 15, 2013

OK, here are the final portfolio specs.

I want a high-res, print quality portfolio of fifteen examples of your best work. One multiple-page .pdf – Make it easy on me. Drop into my Public folder

  1. If it it is 3D, I want nicely photographed images of the final product(s) (packaging, POP, CD/DVD, pamphlets, brochures) – multiple angles, fold outs, etc…
  2. The ads, posters… the 2D stuff – Actual size and ready to print if I want to print them

I am looking for your best work of the semester, whatever it is. You do not include entire components of the assignment. If something is good enough, put it in the portfolio. If it sucks, don't. I will be looking at what this portfolio is telling me about you as a graphic designer. Whether you want to or not, this portfolio will demonstrate to me your strengths and weaknesses. Feel free to update any work from this semester to make it better. I will be looking at everything with a "professional" attitude. As if I were an art director deciding to hire someone. So, convince me you know what you are doing.

Production Art – packaged files for the 12 page brochure. 
Final blog post – overview. Self-reflection, accounting for budget/time. Give me something worth reading – not just bitching. I've already read your complaints from previous blog posts. Don't bore me.

This is due, completed on our Final on May 6th, 7:30 to 9:20 a.m.

LYNDA.COM people

Blog about the following:

  1. If you completed all of the videos – why or why not?
  2. Recap any thoughts on the overall value/quality of software training in this manner.
  3. Give me recommendations as to how this could be integrated into the Visual Communications program. Is this worthy only for Freshment level students or can it be useful for Sophomore and Juniors too? Essentially, if you had to design a way to use this, how would you do it?

I already have some thoughts as to how to do it. I want to use your input to help me design the best system. So, be helpful. There are no right or wrong thoughts or ideas. You probably will have ideas I haven't considered yet.

Ditto on portfolio deadline.