So let it be written, so let be done!

So let it be written, so let be done!

March 20, 2013

OK, I checked my timeline on Beverage and Book assignments. The beverage deadline remains the same on March 29th – all printed and assembled components of the assignment are due. I'll give you all class period to wrap stuff up on the 29th. From the 18th to the 29th = 32 hours. (Time for my class – in-class and out of class). You can make up the additonal 2 hours to reach 34 budgeted hours during this week and next week. So, no problem with the Beverage assignment.

But, I am adjusting the Book assignment timeline. We do not have class on April 1st (Spring Break) or on April 3 (I'm out of town that day). I did miscalculate the time for the Book assignment. The new deadline for having all the components designed and printed is April 10th. From Monday, April 1st to Weds, April 10 = 24 hours. Amazing, that matches up to the budget you were assigned.

Anyway, Merry Christmas – at least on the book assignment.

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