What have you learned?

What have you learned?

February 21, 2013

OK, time to see if you have learned anything from the first ten assignments. This assignment is one that I will grade in your portfolio.

Find an on-campus poster or promotion and redesign it. Go find the ugliest poster on the bulletin boards that desperately needs your design help. Choose carefully. Figure out who it is for and what is being promoted. You get to find your own client this time. But here is the catch… You, as one of my designers in this VCII ad agency, are holding down the fort, while I, the art director, am out sick for an unknown time span – maybe I'm on vacation on some warm, sunny island – drinking rum and Cokes. You are making all the decisions while I'm away. You are in charge for this redesign of promotional items. I will not have any input on these designs, remember I'm out and unavailable, so don't ask me to look at it. I just want it done and done well.

I do know that the "client" will need the following:

  • Poster series (3 posters) – 13 x 19, full bleed, four-color. This promotion will need a concept, design and images that you can utilize across 3 posters. Budget: 9 hours
  • Half-page magazine ad series (3 ads) – four-color, no bleed. What magazine? Budget 3 hours
  • 15 second animated ad spot for iPod/iPhone/SmartPhone. Budget: 8 hours
  • Photography or Illustration must be used in the designs (good illustrations – not those nasty clip art looking, Illustrator, live traced POS's I've been rejecting or making you rework and/or good well lit, well composed, in focus photographs). Budget: 8 hours

So, get going on this assignment and I can't wait to see the results in your portfolio. You might want to bitch, I mean, reflect heavily upon what you had to confront with this job. Track your time.

Have fun, I'm out to buy some Rum and Coke. We can talk about this tomorrow.