Full-page Newspaper Article Page Design

Full-page Newspaper Article Page Design

February 15, 2013

In keeping with the food theme we are currently working on… I have a new design.

A full-page, 4-color newspaper article about Ramen noodles and creative recipes for their use. Information appropriate for college students, right. Should be fun and something you can practice your studio photography skills. Find the Lets Eat layout shell Folder on my public folder for the layout shell. The space on the page not already used is for you to work with. You will be shooting photography for this design – just a reminder. NO ACQUIRED images!


Layout and Design – 3.0 hrs
Final Art production – 1.0 hrs
Artwork/graphics/illustrations – 3.0 hrs

Total 7: hours

For Monday, I want to see initial layout thumbnails and for Weds, I want to see your initial photography. I will be making judgements upon the pics to determine if reshooting is needed. The thumbnail layouts (sketches) will help determine what you need to shoot.