It’s soo stressfull!

It’s soo stressfull!

February 13, 2013

For next Monday…

A magazine article spread design. Informational oriented. Yes, more typesetting. This one is fun because you are a newbie designer moonlighting at Time Magazine. That's where this article came from. So, we have gone from happiness to stress. Find the copy in my public folder (Stress.txt). Read the article so you know the content, so you can develop the appropriate imagery and design for this spread.

Specs: Magazine is 8 x 10" when folded – 10 x 16: flat. Four-color, full-bleed available. Shoot the photography you need for this article. I have a digital camera and lighting equipment if you need to check it out to get the perfect photo. Think through your ideas for imagery. Good lighting is key and thinking of interesting angles and point-of-views will help. Get a good photo up front and you won't have to do a lot of image editing in Photoshop. If you are planning a C.O.B., use a nuetral color background for the image – it will make it easier to isolate the image. Don't forget to use a structural grid in this layout. I want to see it on the printout.


Layout: 4 hours

Photography: 3 hours

Revisions: 1 hour