Something scaly this way comes

Something scaly this way comes

February 4, 2013

Our favorite client (Truman) has come through for us again. I have a promotional poster design for the Herpetology Club, advertising an open house event on campus. What is Herpetology? Research it and find out – you probably already know. The intent of the open house is to generate foot traffic in the Biology department and increase membership in the organization. These creepy little critters will be on display… you can't walk through the building without seeing them.

The copy and specs for the assignment is in my ART321 Viscom II/Public folder. Essentially, I need a poster design, rotating animated gif banner and webpage.

I have no existing images/graphics for you to use, so you will have to create or shoot whatever you use in the layout. Don't burn too much time on the final imagery or the animated banner until you get a go ahead on your concept

Budget: 8 Hours

Initial layout print out is due on Weds, February 6.

Concept, concept, concept… will make all the difference.