Summer Block Course Promotion

Summer Block Course Promotion

February 1, 2013

Now we are back from the newspaper designer stint and you again are in my advertising/promotion art department. Our favorite client has again drop on us a promotion in the form of a poster and information website for the Department of Health and Exercise Science and the ES465: Special Topics in Exercise Science – Physical Activity and the National Parks Summer Block course. Get the existing copy from my public folder – tetoncopy.txt. You do not have to use all the copy that was on the original layout. Make some decisions as to what you need to include on the promo poster layout. The remaining specific copy goes into the Health and Exercise Science website You can even do some of your own copy writing on this.

Need to have a concept for this promotion. The client is willing to do 4-color (CMYK), full-color with a bleed. Trim size is 11 x 17 inch. You can use photography – must be copyright free. Remember you cannot just acquire photos from the web or rescan from books and magazines and use them in your layouts. Most if not all web images or rescanned images are protected by copyright and you either have to purchase them or get signed approval for usage of the imagery. If this is a big pain, then do an illustration.

This poster needs to have stopping power when displayed on a campus bulletin board.

You have a 6 hour budget for the poster.

When the poster design and approach has been completed and approved. Retask the design for a P.O.P. standup display – 20 inch x 40 inch. – mounted on foamcore with A-frame stand.