Monthly Archives: February 2013

What have you learned?

February 21, 2013

OK, time to see if you have learned anything from the first ten assignments. This assignment is one that I will grade in your portfolio. Find an on-campus poster or promotion and redesign it. Go find the ugliest poster on the bulletin boards that desperately needs your design help. Choose carefully. Figure out who it … Read More

Full-page Newspaper Article Page Design

February 15, 2013

In keeping with the food theme we are currently working on… I have a new design. A full-page, 4-color newspaper article about Ramen noodles and creative recipes for their use. Information appropriate for college students, right. Should be fun and something you can practice your studio photography skills. Find the Lets Eat layout shell Folder … Read More

It’s soo stressfull!

February 13, 2013

For next Monday… A magazine article spread design. Informational oriented. Yes, more typesetting. This one is fun because you are a newbie designer moonlighting at Time Magazine. That's where this article came from. So, we have gone from happiness to stress. Find the copy in my public folder (Stress.txt). Read the article so you know … Read More

The Viscommie Dead

February 6, 2013

Still in promotion mode for our best client. New assignment for the Truman Institute – Zombie Scholars Academy. Can you say fun! Info can be located in my public folder – copy and logos. Initial concept/layout review on Monday, Feb. 11.

Something scaly this way comes

February 4, 2013

Our favorite client (Truman) has come through for us again. I have a promotional poster design for the Herpetology Club, advertising an open house event on campus. What is Herpetology? Research it and find out – you probably already know. The intent of the open house is to generate foot traffic in the Biology department … Read More

Summer Block Course Promotion

February 1, 2013

Now we are back from the newspaper designer stint and you again are in my advertising/promotion art department. Our favorite client has again drop on us a promotion in the form of a poster and information website for the Department of Health and Exercise Science and the ES465: Special Topics in Exercise Science – Physical … Read More