Happiness is…

Happiness is…

January 30, 2013

OK… imagine this. You are now an entry-level designer at a newspaper and you have an article to design and layout. You can find the copy in my public/ART321 Viscom II folder (happinesscopy.rtf). This is another design using only type. Again, the intent is to create a design stops the reader of a newspaper as they flip through the paper. You have about 1 to 3 seconds to achieve this task. The information, once you have the viewer stopped should be inviting and readable. Again, there is a lot of copy that you have to organize and utilize in your design. The original designer did some interesting typographic gymnastics in their layout, which is why I chose this assignment for you (OK, that was to screw with your head – can't help myself).

Specs are in the rft copy: Newspapers are typically set up in a 6 column grid. This article isn't a full page though – I think it utilizes only 4 of the 6 columns on the page. 2-color – black and one spot. Is this making sense? Ask or measure yourself.

This layout is due laser printed on Friday, Feb. 1st. Scale to fit on an 11 x 17" paper. When you print your layout, print with the grids turned on in the print dialog box. I want to see your grids from this point forward. Some of you are refusing to embrace the grid. I know who you are. 6 hour budget.

I also want a webpage of this article – however you can get it into a web layout. 2 hour budget