Newsletter Design

Newsletter Design

January 25, 2013

This assignment is a multiple page newsletter design. In InDesign, set up an 8.5 x 11 facing page document with four pages – make sure "Facing Pages" is clicked on. Don't forget to set up you column grid and set margins in the document set-up.

The copy you will use is in my public folder in the ART321 Viscom II folder (hiway63copy.txt). This was an actual newsletter (the original was really poorly designed) to promote the idea of funding a four-lane highway to Kirksville a number of years ago – we now benefit from this long ago effort. That's not the point, this is… it is a large amount of text for a given amount of space that you have design in a manner to communicate the content of the information. Read the typesetting rules of thumb and try to use them to make this text heavy design look good. You'll need to design a masthead for this newsletter with the idea that there will be follow-up newsletters with different content. The column grid it a key structural foundation for this assignment.

You have two hours per page for design, layout and final art production (printing). That is eight hours total. Initial layout proofs due Monday, January 28, printed and folded. Oh yes, proof the text for typos. I typed it myself and I only have nine-fingers… high potential for typos. Besides, reading the copy might help you to identify things you can highlight in the design. You have to know what you are designing for. Know your subject.

Production specs: 2-color – black and one spot – cover and back – full bleed, one-color – black on interior spread-  no bleed. 11 x 17 flat, fold to 8.5 x 11.

You can use photography and illustration – This organization also needs a 2-color logo to use on the newsletter (3 hours for logo).

Good luck. Hopefully it will look better than the original.