Jazz Combo Promotion

Jazz Combo Promotion

January 18, 2013

In keeping with finding really bad posters to redesign… Redesign the Truman State University Music Department Jazz Combo poster, ad and website animated banner. Again, come up with a catchy concept to base your design and artwork upon. Stating really big in the headline with what the event is, is not a concept. Concept drives design – come up with something. Creativity exists throughout the project, it isn't just visual.

Specs: Poster

  • Size – 13 x 19 with bleed
  • 2 color: Black and one spot color
  • 1 Line Art Illustration

Newspaper ad

  • Size: 1/4 page
  • 1 color: Black
  • 1 Line Art Illustration

Animated Website Banner

  • Size: Truman Music Department banner
  • 1 Line Art Illustration
  • RGB – 72 ppi
  • Production – Photoshop, Flash or AfterEffects


  • 3 hours layout and design – poster
  • 1 hour layout and design – Index Newpaper ad – 1 color: Black
  • 3 hours – animated banner – Music Department website
  • 3 hours for line art illustration
  • 2 hours final art production

Make sure you work with a spot color, not a CMYK color. Also, you have an illustration to accomplish as a feature in this design with it's own budget. Make it look good – I can tell if it is crapped out.

Due for Art Director (me) approval on Friday 25. Don't blow your entire budget, there will be revisions, I"m sure.

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