Typeface Sample Poster and Animated Web Banner

Typeface Sample Poster and Animated Web Banner

January 16, 2013

Size: 20 x 26 in. Bleed is available. 2-color: black and 1 spot. The poster is an informational/promotional piece. Pick any serif or san serif typeface. No display typefaces. The poster must have the name of the typeface, a set each of the upper-case letterforms, lower-case letterforms and numbers. Any other content is up to you – history, features, uses of the typefaces or sales pitch. If you can, identify the type foundry that developed the typeface.  Also, I want an animated web banner – size is depedent upon what website it will be diplayed on.

First proof due on Friday 18. You have a budget of 6 hours allotted to the project. Track your time and blog.

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