Final Portfolio Specs

Final Portfolio Specs

March 30, 2012

Here are the final portfolio specs.

I want a blog portfolio and a multiple-page pdf portfolio of ten of your best designs from this semester. Anything included in the portfolio has to be approved by me first. Four pre mid-term designs and six post mid-term designs. Include all components of the assignments as one "design" submission. I want four of the post mid-term portfolio submissions ink-jet printed and mounted (posters flush mounted and spreads mounted with 1 inch border) or constructed (if 3D component) for presentation. One of the four must be a 3D design.

You are free to rework any pre mid-term assignments to improve upon them, but if you do, show me again for approval.

On the blog portfolio, write something about the projects, what you learned, did well at, had issues with… Include in the blog the overall time spent for the entire semester and a per project breakout for everything this semester. If you have been neglecting your blogging this semester, get everything on the blog so I can see it at, whatever state you managed to get it to.

I want two final art production submissions. One four-color design and one two-color design in a folder with your name on the folder Example: Last Name Final Art Docs. Inside this folder have two folders titled 4 color final art and 2 color final art. Make sure your production files are correct. Check image resolution, color mode, export formats, current, updated links, fonts etc… If you have questions see me. I will pre-proof your production files.

If you have some of these designs approved, start getting them printed. One month left in the semester. You need to get some of these things approved – the snowball is rolling faster and faster. Don't wait or you are screwed because the seniors are going to be doing a lot of printing too.

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