High Society

High Society

March 23, 2012

Society of Illustrators Call for Entries: Direct Mailer/poster design

Look for 55SofICalltoentry.rtf on my public folder

OK, this assignment is designed to really mess with your head. But it can and will happen to you. You are designing and illustrating for a highly specialized and talented group of people within the Visual Communications field – Professional illustrators. Society of Illustrators is the highly selective professional organization for illustrators. They conduct a nationwide illustration competition every year and this device is used to promote the event and to solicite entries. It is a multiple folded panel, self-mailing, direct mail piece. You have to use an origianl illustration created in the last month or specifically for this assignment.


2-color (black and one spot color) over 4-color. One side is a poster. You pick which side is the best use of 4 and 2-color.

Size is 20 x 26 inch, folded to 10 x 13 inch.


Layout and Design – 6.0 hrs
Final Art production – 2.0 hrs
Artwork/graphics/illustrations – 8.0 hrs

Total 16 hours

Deadlines: Initial layout print out is due on April 4th. Don't screw around – get to conceptualizing and working this up. If you want feedback on concept and direction – ask me any time prior to the 4th. More stuff to come.

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