Black History Month Poster

Black History Month Poster

March 19, 2012

Oh, the fireballs are starting to flow. You are still functioning as a advertersing/promotional designer… I have found a new assignment for our most reliable client – yes, TSU. This time we are revisiting something familiar, a concept/promotional poster for Black History Month. This is very similar to the Native American Heritage Month poster assignment. This should be a piece of cake for you.

Specs: 2 color – Black and one spot, full-bleed available, 20 x 26 in. Here's the twist – origianl illustration only.


Layout – 3 hours

Illustrtation – 5 hours

Final Art – 1 hour

1 poster design and 1 animated gif banner for Truman website. I want to see concept and sketches on Weds 21st. Initial layout laser prints on Monday 26th.

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