Wick Fowler’s Famous 2-alarm chili

Wick Fowler’s Famous 2-alarm chili

March 13, 2012

Promotional packaging, poster, ad and animated web banner design. Yippee!

Now you are back in the advertising world hocking products. I need kick-butt lable design, concept posters, ads and animated banner for this well-known product. This chili is known for it's hot and spicy nature. The client is really proud of it – they should be, it's good. We are promoting the product and developing a label to stand out on supermarket shelves. Consumers of spicy chili are already sold on the product but the client wants to introduce the product to those who might be first timers and/or those who are timid about the heat. They want converts without alienating the existing customer base. Here is the twist, the product is typically a chili spice pack mix. What you are designing for is a can of chili – all ready to heat and serve.

Here are the specs:

Poster Series: 3 posters, 4 color, one side – size: 15 inch x 21 inch

Layout and Design – 3.0 hrs
Final Art production – 2.0 hrs
Artwork/graphics/illustrations – 3.0 hrs

Ad Series: 3 ads, 2 color (black and one spot) – size: 3 column (newspaper column) x 10 inch – ask me about this…

Layout and Design – 1.0 hrs
Final Art production – 1.0 hrs
Artwork/graphics/illustrations – 1.0 hrs

Label: 4 color – size to be determined by the container size you choose

Layout and Design – 4.0 hrs
Final Art production – 2.0 hrs
Artwork/graphics/illustrations – 2.0 hrs

Animated Banner – RGB – 3hours

Find and rebuild their logo in Illustrator.

I want concept ideas and thumbnails on Friday 16.

Initial layouts laser printed by Friday 23 (3 posters, 3 ads and label design attached to a can)

Total budget: 22 hours

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