Monthly Archives: March 2012

Revision for S of I Poster

March 30, 2012

Hi guys, I was looking a bit closer at the folding specs for the 20 x 26" Society of Illustrators poster/direct mailer. Fold the poster in half vertically and then twice (tri-fold) horizontally for an overall folded size of 8.66 x 10 inches. This will work better overall. 

Final Portfolio Specs

Here are the final portfolio specs. I want a blog portfolio and a multiple-page pdf portfolio of ten of your best designs from this semester. Anything included in the portfolio has to be approved by me first. Four pre mid-term designs and six post mid-term designs. Include all components of the assignments as one "design" … Read More

End of Semester Early Warning

March 29, 2012

OK, just wanted to light a fire under all of you. We have one month left in the semester and there are a lot of assignments that need my eyes on them. I have been looking at some of the same people's layouts during class and others not at all or not so much. I … Read More

HOW many ways can I suck the fun out of Viscom?

March 23, 2012

Now I am really going to see if you are thinking like a graphic designer. This assignment is another direct mail promotional design for the HOW Design Live Conference in Chicago. You can find the copy (HOW Design Mailer copy.rtf) in my public folder. This is an self-mailing, 12-page, fold to 5.5 x 8.5 inch … Read More

High Society

Society of Illustrators Call for Entries: Direct Mailer/poster design Look for 55SofICalltoentry.rtf on my public folder OK, this assignment is designed to really mess with your head. But it can and will happen to you. You are designing and illustrating for a highly specialized and talented group of people within the Visual Communications field – … Read More

Black History Month Poster

March 19, 2012

Oh, the fireballs are starting to flow. You are still functioning as a advertersing/promotional designer… I have found a new assignment for our most reliable client – yes, TSU. This time we are revisiting something familiar, a concept/promotional poster for Black History Month. This is very similar to the Native American Heritage Month poster assignment. … Read More

Book Cover Update

March 13, 2012

OK, I think the book cover stuff has been so neglected, I thought I would give it some attention so we can work to get it wrapped up. I'm wanting to have the initial dummies printed by Monday 19. That is a printed dust jacket wrapped on an actual book, the CD Audio book packaging … Read More

Wick Fowler’s Famous 2-alarm chili

Promotional packaging, poster, ad and animated web banner design. Yippee! Now you are back in the advertising world hocking products. I need kick-butt lable design, concept posters, ads and animated banner for this well-known product. This chili is known for it's hot and spicy nature. The client is really proud of it – they should … Read More