How safe could it be?

How safe could it be?

February 20, 2012

New assignment. Back to being a designer working in a publishing company. The publication is again, National Geographic magazine. You might want to check into some of their recent past issues to get a sense of their design aesthetic. You should be able to detect what type of a grid system they use throughout the publication. The specs for the assignment are in the copy in my public folder (howsafe.rft). This two-page spread is only the first two pages of a multiple page article. It is an informational type design and layout.

The challenge for you in this assignment is to produce you own photographic imagery. I have some mini-lighting studios if you need to do a controlled lighting set-up. I also have some big strobes for you to use if the mini studio just can't cut it. The intent for you is to produce "good" photography that you can use in your layout. So be picky about what you shoot, because I will be. Another challenge for you is that there really isn't that much copy to use in this layout. I will just let you ponder the implications of that. I will ask you on Wednesday, if you have any questions. Remember, the first thing to do in InDesign is to properly set up the Document Setup with size, margins, grids and bleeds.

Budget: 9 hours for layout, design and photography

I want to see initial layout proofs on March 14th (New Proof date).

Don't forget to proof the provided copy. 9FT


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