Only You Can Design This!

Only You Can Design This!

February 13, 2012

New client assignment this time. The U.S. Government – big bucks, deep pockets, the sky is the limit. This awareness campaign is a long-standing effort by the national forest service to reduce forest fires in our national parks. So, it is targeting a broad audience range – young/old, male/female. These ads (series of three) will be published in National Geographic magazine. Wow, here you are, newby designers designing something for national publication for the better good of all mankind – with great power, comes great responsibilities: Ben Parker.

The specs are in the copy in my public folder: Series of three ads, 4-color, full bleed available. Develop a concept for this campaign series. You have to use the tagline: Only you can prevent forest fires. Rebuild the logos (probably best to rebuild them in Illustrator – save as an eps)- I am not providing logos this time. Also need an animated rotating banner for the Truman website banner space.

Budget: 9 hours for layout, design and photography/illustration for three ads. 3 hours for the animated banner.

We will look at initial layout proofs on Friday, February 17.

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