A new client / new design opportunity!

A new client / new design opportunity!

February 6, 2012

We have done so well with our most reliable client, I have snagged another educational institution to work with. This time is is University of Missouri. We are moving up the food chain. I have been talking with the MU Veterinary Clinic in Colombia and they need a new promotional pamphlet, a web page and an animated web banner. You can find the copy in my public folder. The old print pamphlet was really bad.  Your design will be better, right?

Print specs: 8.5 x 14", fold to #10 envelope, 4 color over 2 color


  • Pamphlet – 5 hours
  • Web page – 4 hours,
  • Animated banner – 2 hours

You can design (just the layout – not funcitonality) in InDesign too. There are standard web sizes in your document setup. You are designing the base page for the Veterinary Clinic. Webpage graphics are in RGB color mode. Print graphics are in CMYK mode (if used on 4-color side). Graphics for web are 72 ppi and 300 ppi for print. Right? You have 5 seconds for the animation in the web banner and check the mizzou website for the banner size on their homepage. I want some good imagery and graphics used in these designs – "buy", create or shoot what you are going to use. Don't forget to credit the creator of your imagery in the layout.

Initial layouts on Friday, February 10th.

Proof the copy – nine-finger typing again.

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