Monthly Archives: February 2012

I’m so full, I couldn’t eat another bite.

February 20, 2012

OK, are you sensing a theme here in my assignments. This one is another food-based information layout. I'm choosing articles about food so you have subject matter readily available to photograph. Anyway, this layout is for Time magazine, so it has a different size than the How Safe layout in National Geographic. This time, you … Read More

How safe could it be?

New assignment. Back to being a designer working in a publishing company. The publication is again, National Geographic magazine. You might want to check into some of their recent past issues to get a sense of their design aesthetic. You should be able to detect what type of a grid system they use throughout the … Read More

Only You Can Design This!

February 13, 2012

New client assignment this time. The U.S. Government – big bucks, deep pockets, the sky is the limit. This awareness campaign is a long-standing effort by the national forest service to reduce forest fires in our national parks. So, it is targeting a broad audience range – young/old, male/female. These ads (series of three) will … Read More

A new client / new design opportunity!

February 6, 2012

We have done so well with our most reliable client, I have snagged another educational institution to work with. This time is is University of Missouri. We are moving up the food chain. I have been talking with the MU Veterinary Clinic in Colombia and they need a new promotional pamphlet, a web page and … Read More

Native American Heritage Month Poster(S)

February 3, 2012

New design to work on. Concept poster to promote Native American Heritage Month and the campus events. Again, work from a strong concept and idea before committing to the design. You can use photography or illustration. Size is 13 x 19 with a bleed – 2 color (Spot and Black). One twist I didn't mention … Read More