Another down and dirty poster or another design opportunity

Another down and dirty poster or another design opportunity

January 25, 2012

Are you getting nimble yet? Getting things approved at round one proof stage? I know I'm picky as an Art Director. Don't forget to proof stuff I provide. I am like a typo generating nine-finger machine. Proof!

OK, for Friday – I have a fireball promotional design a local client needs. This is for the Kirksville Arts Association. Their problem they want solved is to have more student artists participate at Red Barn Arts and Crafts festival that is held each fall. You can get the KAA logo and the copy in my public folder.

Specs: 11 x 17, 4-color with bleed – printed on large-format laser printer – short-run – also retask the design as a web banner to be inserted in the KAA website ( and the Truman website banner (figure out the size).

The doors are wide open visually, creatively and conceptually. The provided headline in the copy sucks, in my opinion. Write something better to get your fellow art students interested in displaying art and design at Red Barn. Remember, practice safe design…

Initial layouts on Friday.

Budget: 6 Hours

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