A slight design Detour

A slight design Detour

January 25, 2012

So far you have moonlighted once as a newspaper article designer along with working for me as an entry-level advertising designer on several assignments. Now you are moonlighting again at a publishing company and you are responsible for layout and design for two spreads for an article in Detours Magazine. Yes, more typesetting, grid and structure work.

Specs are in the copy in the Detours Magazine Spread folder in my public folder. Images to use in this article are also included in the folder. These images must be used in some manner, but you are not limited to only these images. If you want more – make or shoot supplimental imagery. This layout is informational, so don't make it look like an ad. The idea again is to create a design that stops the reader and allows for readability of the article – but make it kick-butt cool. Don't forget your grid. Look at other magazine article spreads and see what cool design motifs are being done. Oh, don't forget about the audience – who do you think reads this magazine? Does that influence how you should design this? Hint: it should.

Budget: 10 hours

Initial laser proofs due on Weds., February 1.

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