Jazz Combo Concert

Jazz Combo Concert

January 13, 2012

OK, back to reality. You just designed the typeface poster for a major corporation. Now time to wake up from the dream. You are still only an entry-level designer trying to prove yourself designing the the jobs the experienced designers in the firm deem too insignificant for their time. So, I have found a promotional design for you to work on for our re-occurring client – good old Truman State University – one of our best clients. This design is for the Department of Music promoting an event in OP – The Jazz Combo Concert.

This design is going to be light on type required in the layout – you can find it in my Public/Viscom II folder. This poster will be used on- and off-campus in the 'ville. So, you have a student audience and a more general audience to take into account in your design. I have no budget for decent photography on this assignment, but the client wants to have a striking visual graphic in the layout. So make one – let's say a vector graphic of some sort. You all know how to work with spot colors in Illustrator?

I also want to see a creative concept utilized in this design. Just having the event title as the headline is not a concept. So, wrap your head around what you can say in a headline and show in a graphic (hopefully the two will work in conjunction with each other) that creatively promotes this event – this is the hard part and the one most likely to shoot down all your efforts – it can't just look good, it has to have a creative "hook" for the audience(s). This poster will be posted on bulletin boards and will be competing with a lot of visual noise – so, it has to have visual impact to stop the viewer and pull them in – you have about 5 seconds for the design to suck them into your little promotional world. Can you do it?

So, have I made a simple promotional design sound intimidating? Good, I've done my job.

Project Specs:

Poster Size: 13 x 19 in, 2 color – black and one spot color (your choice – just not frigg'n baby blue, geez), with full-bleed. Also, retask (retasking is not just saving a version of your print layout and pasting into the browser window) your layout to fit on the Music Department website being displayed on an iPad in both vertical and horizontal format. I have iPad graphics (psd) with a Music browser window in my public folder.

Budget: 10 hours for the three layouts.

Track your time – break out your time to the specific activities you doing. Track as you go. See what activities eat up your budget. Being constantly under budget is as bad as being constantly over budget. You have 10 hours, so use it. If you don't use your budgeted time and your layout sucks, you didn't do enough for it not to suck. Simple, right?

We will look at your laser proofs (B/W only) on Weds, 18th.

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