Typeface Specimen Poster and Webpage Design

Typeface Specimen Poster and Webpage Design

January 11, 2012



This assignment would be a dream come true for an entry-level designer to work on. Big company and a subject you should be very excited to tackle – type. So, I managed as your Account Executive, to land a well-known and legendary type foundry, Monotype, as a client (remember this is hypothetical, so just play along). What the client needs is a poster design for a type specimen poster they would use to display the attributes of the typeface at tradeshows, to handout, to mail, etc… to promote the typeface. They also want whatever design is developed for the poster to be retasked and used on their webpage.

Assignment specs:

Poster: 22 x 28 inch poster, one-color, black, one side – no bleed. (I have 22 x 28 in Bristol board you can buy for $.50 for printing final approved layout). See typespecpostercopyexample.rtf in my pulbic folder for copy to be used.

Website: see typespecwebpage.jpg file on my public folder for the Monotype webpage to insert your design. You will use this file as a background image/template. Delete the old content in the area below the masthead to make room for your type design.

Back to teacher mode: I want you to pick either a serif OR sans serif typeface to use for your design. This is the type style you use in your design too. Do some research on the typeface you choose and write a brief bio blurb of copy to be used in the design. The block of copy is intended to show the viewer of the poster what the typeface looks like in a typeset block of copy. The .rft copy has an example of the type of information and length to use in the design. There is also required copy to have in the design. You are going to have to create a print version of the Monotype logo. You'll see it in the website .jpg.

DO NOT SELECT any display typefaces or specialty fonts.

Budget: 6 hours for the two layouts. B/W laser proofs due on Friday, January 13.

Poster: Use InDesign

Website: Use Photoshop and/or InDesign or Fireworks

This assignment is a contrast to what you just worked on with the MAE poster set. The scale of the design is the big difference. Again, make sure your design has a solid structure and design hierarchy and keep in mind how it is intended to be used.


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