Production – Technical Checklist

Production – Technical Checklist

January 11, 2012

OK, hopefully all the technical things you were taught in Typography and VCI are starting to bubble back up to the surface. But just a reminder on a few items.

  • Place/import graphics and photos into InDesign – do not copy and paste from Illustrator or Photoshop. There are good reasons not to do this. Beware of "nesting" files. What is this? Ask me.
  • Placed file formats are important. For print design using Photoshop, use .tif and .eps in CMYK color mode at 300 ppi. Print vector graphics from Illustrator are resolution independent and should be saved in .eps format – CMYK color mode.
  • Web graphics are just the opposite – 72ppi, RGB saved in .jpg or .gif file format in Photoshop. Vector graphics in Illustrator are the same – you convert the vector graphic in the "Save" or "Export" process to the raster .jpg or .gif formats.
  • Don't break your import links. If you design something in InDesign using linked graphics on your home computer and want to work on it and print it in the lab, remember to "package" the InDesign document to include all the imported linked files and fonts used in the document.
  • Always use the final trim size as your document size in InDesign Document Setup and set up all the margin, grid and bleed information.

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