Post Mid-term

Post Mid-term

March 8, 2011

OK, we are now pushing to the end of the semester. I have figured out how much time we have left for the new designs I will be giving you. You essentially have 36 in-class hours left. Using the formula that you should be spending 2 hours outside of class for every hour in class, you have 72 hours outside of class remaining. That is a total of 108 hours. We have six clients left to complete a range of designs.

  1. Wick Fowler's Famous 2-alarm Chili: Poster series, ad series and label – total: 21 budgeted hours
  2. Newpaper, full-page feature article – total: 7 budgeted hours
  3. Magazine advertisement, 2 page spread amd POP display – total: 10 budgeted hours
  4. Direct Mailer/poster – total: 15 budgeted hours
  5. Audio Book CD packaging and Book Dust Jacket – total: 15 budgeted hours
  6. Beverage label, 6 pack Carrier package and Ad series – total: 36 budgeted hours

Grand total: 104 budget hours to complete all of these designs. You have 4 hours to spare on everything – 104 vs.108 hours. I'll be assigning all of this very soon.

I noticed in your blogs that many of you were well under budget on the designs from the first part of the semster. That is good and bad. If you are consistantly, grossly under budget, then budgets will be adjusted to take into consideration how efficiently you are really working so more projects can be assigned to you – thus allowing for you to make even more money for your company. That's good. Or, it could be viewed that you didn't utilize the allotted time to produce an even better design than was presented and approved. That is bad in the long run if a company wants to be known for superior work. A design firm or advertising agency can mediocre themselves right out of business. If you had utilized the budgeted time, would it have been a great design rather than a good or average design?

Something to think about for the rest of the semester. For this class at least, I'm going to assume the issue to address is the second point of not effectively utilizing the budgeted time. I want better concepts and designs than were completed in the first part of the semester. I also don't want to do as much art direction. I'm happy to do so, but I want your typesetting to be cleaner and design structure more resolved before I look at the layouts. I will still have my little red pen at the ready and time sheets will be collected at every class.

I also noticed and this is not unique to this class, it happens to every class… because I won't approve photography, graphics and illustrations that are not good enough, student designers will tend to rely heavily on acquired/purchased imagery for their designs. Not that this is bad, you will as professional designers work with professional photographers and illustrators all the time to produce the imagery needed in your layouts. But, you need to learn to produce the imagery as well. It will give you more flexibility and control over the process if you are capable of producing quality imagery and artwork. Every image and graphic utilized in a design will require a given amount of time to complete to an acceptable degree.

So, to make it more challenging during the rest of the semester… you will be required to produce any photography, graphics and illustrations used in the designs yourself. If you are not yet good at photography and/or illustration, it is time to get good. Good luck and work smart for the rest of the semester.

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