Monthly Archives: March 2011

Design Dump

March 31, 2011

OK, we are one month till the end of the semester. I'm blogging the remainder of the projects that you should begin conceptualizing, sketching, shooting, illustrating and designing for. So, here we go. Society of Illustrators Call for Entries: Direct Mailer/poster design Look for 54SofICalltoentry.rtf on my public folder Budget: Layout and Design – 5.0 … Read More

Gone Fish’n

March 23, 2011

I know everyone will love this design. This is a four-color, 2-page advertising spread and a four-color POP (Point of Purchase) display for Rapala Fishing Lures. On my public folder look for rapalaspreadcopy.rtf. This ad will be placed in any number of national outdoor, hunting/fishing magazines. You are selling crank bait lures. Just what you … Read More

Post Mid-term

March 8, 2011

OK, we are now pushing to the end of the semester. I have figured out how much time we have left for the new designs I will be giving you. You essentially have 36 in-class hours left. Using the formula that you should be spending 2 hours outside of class for every hour in class, … Read More