Midterm Portfolio

Midterm Portfolio

February 17, 2011

Midterm is coming real soon – early March. What I'm wanting you to have ready on March 4th is a portfolio of your best designs to date. Any design included in the portfolo has to have been "approved" by me. If you want to use an unapproved design or even modify an already approved design, I need to see it and approve it before you include it in your midterm portfolio. (remember, I consider approving a desgin at minimum a C). So nobody should get a bad grade at midterm, right?

Portfolio Requirements

  • 5 different designs in your portfolio
  • 1 single, multiple-page pdf – print quality samples of your designs – turn in to my public folder/ART321 Viscom 2/Midterm Portfolio. Make sure your name is on the .pdf
  • Post each design on your blog with your reflections of the design, anylizing process and total time spent on the design for final approval. Include what you would do to be more efficient and/or more creative. What have you learned?
  • Select one design for me to check production. (Package the live files and fonts). The more complex the project to submit, the better. I'm looking at inclusion of the live file (indd), fonts and linked files (eps and tiffs in CMYK color mode and raster images at at least 150 ppi). Make sure your files do not have broken or modified links. Turn in to Midterm production files folder.
  • Actual size inkjet printouts of two of the five designs, mounted (1 inch border) on black foamcore for midterm display. Choose what you consider your best two of the five. If a multiple-page design… print (inkjet) and assemble (fold, staple etc…)

This is all due on March 4th. Last class before Midterm break.

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