New Design: Herpetology Open House Poster

New Design: Herpetology Open House Poster

February 7, 2011

Here are the specs for the new design to work on. This is a promotional poster for an Open House for the Herpetology Club. I want a strong concept for the promotion of this event. The club is wanting to increase their exposure on campus and to entice more students to join. Think of the creative concepts utilized in the ads for the Superbowl. Concept drives design.

Size: 15 x 22, four-color with bleed. Include the following copy… Open House, February 14, 2011, Macgruder Hall 307, If you have any questions, please email us at, sponsored by the Herpetolgy Club. Budget is 6 hours. Track your time!!!

Let's look at the initial layout/concepts on Wednesday along with the revised Stress Mag spread and the two food spreads. Print out on 11 x 17 paper each spread. I'll bring my red pen.

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