Monthly Archives: February 2011

This Week…

February 21, 2011

I will be reviewing these three designs this week; Native American Heritage Month posters, World Travel brochure/booklet, and the National Forest Service ad series. After this week, the NAHM poster is off the board for in-class approvals. Very thin on anything to look at today for the National Forest Service ads. After next Monday, this … Read More

Midterm Portfolio

February 17, 2011

Midterm is coming real soon – early March. What I'm wanting you to have ready on March 4th is a portfolio of your best designs to date. Any design included in the portfolo has to have been "approved" by me. If you want to use an unapproved design or even modify an already approved design, … Read More

Only You!

So, as we make progress on the Native American Heritage Month poster series and get going on the World Travel brochure, I'm going to get you started on a couple more conceptual designs. We are moving from on-campus, student or locally related problems to something for a national client and audience. This concept and design … Read More

For Wednesday

February 14, 2011

We will be wrapping up the layouts for the 2 food magazine spreads and the Herpetology poster. Have these three things laser printed out to look at. Also, have a pdf of the Native American Heritage poster ready to look at. Should have three series posters to review.

Guide to World Travel booklet/brochure

We are now moving to a multiple-page design. Look for World Travel2.rft on my public/ART321 Viscom 2 folder for the copy. Where with the Native American Heritage Poster you are developing concept/design that is constant through a series of posters, this project is to carry a design motif throughout a series of pages. Proof the … Read More

For Friday

February 9, 2011

We will look at (printed on 11 x 17 before class starts) the last draft for approval of the Stress mag spread. Also, print out another draft of the two food spreads and have a pdf of Herp poster to look at. I forgot to pickup time sheets today, so bring in your timesheets for … Read More

Page Layout

February 8, 2011

So, to help you with your layout development process… I have put into the Viscom 2 folder in my public folder a chapter from an old advertising design text book concerning layout stages and formats. That is the document name, Layout stages and Formats.pdf. Grab it and read it. It might help out. Also inside … Read More

Pimping for design work

February 7, 2011

Just wanted to give you a heads up for the Annual Juried Student Exhibition coming up. Make sure you guys find and submit some design or illustration work to the Student Art Competition. I want to see some your design work in the show this year.

New Design: Herpetology Open House Poster

Here are the specs for the new design to work on. This is a promotional poster for an Open House for the Herpetology Club. I want a strong concept for the promotion of this event. The club is wanting to increase their exposure on campus and to entice more students to join. Think of the … Read More

For Monday

February 6, 2011

So, we are looking at your Stress mag spread – the one I picked frrom the two. This is rev. 2 and should be more resolved with page structure (grid usage), imagery, typesetting and overall layout. Hope it looks better. Also, will be looking at the thumbnail layout sketches for the two food articles. Read … Read More