How Safe and Secrets of Feeling Full Magazine spread designs

How Safe and Secrets of Feeling Full Magazine spread designs

January 31, 2011

Two new magazine spreads to design. Two separate articles. How Safe? and The Secret of Feeling Full. The copy and the specs are in the Food Spread Copy.pdf on my Public/ART321 Viscom 2 folder. They are different sizes, so read carefully. Two similar problems to solve in using imagery within copy spreads, but different in the amount of text in each layout. How do you solve these problems? You can either shoot the photography yourself or buy/acquire the photography. Please site the photographer and/or the service you "purchased" the image. These are a similar design challange as the Stress mag spread. Find or shoot GOOD photography that relate to the article.

We still trying to develop type usage sensitivities. No display type. If you have any display type on your desert island list, replace it with a standard text type, serif or sans serif.

Budget: 6 hours per spread and 2 hours for photography per spread.

  • 1 hour for 20 thumbnail idea/structure sketches
  • 2 hours for layout
  • 1 hour for revisions
  • 2 hours for final art production
  • 2 hours for photography (searching/acquire or shooting)

I want to look at your initial 20 thumbnail sketches on Friday. Initial layouts will be due next Monday, February 7.

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