Stress Magazine Spread Design

Stress Magazine Spread Design

January 27, 2011

New assignment: design a 2-page magazine spread for an article about stress. This time you are not coming up with the overall concept to promote something, but a design to present the article in a manner that is readable and visually impactful. The idea for spread design is that a reader will thumb through a magazine rather quickly. You might have 2 or 3 seconds to stop the reader and pull them into the article. Be wary of over-desgin on this assignment. This design isn't about the design, but rather using design to impart in a visually appealing and appropriate manner the information in the article.

This also is more practice in making a lot of text look good. Maybe we can finess this design up front and not have 4 revisions to correct typesetting issues like in the Highway 63 newsletter. Geez. Your'e killing me Smalls.


  • Size: 8 x 10 page, 10 x 16 spread
  • 4-color, with bleed – Use InDesign for the layout and assembly as usual
  • Budget: 3 hours per page = 6 hours for a 2 page spread x 2 varitions = 12 hours total
  • Art Director approval on Monday, January 31st.

I want to see two layout versions using photography. One layout where you shoot the photography appropriate to the article content and one layout where you acquire (pretending to be a buyer of photography) a professionally shot image appropriate to the article content (site the photographer, book or site where you get the image – a photographic byline). As a designer you will utilize both approaches. Note what you think about both.

Also, get to blogging. Some of the blogs are very thin. I appreciate you posting your designs, but also write something about what you may or may not have learned in designing the assignment.

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