MAE Poster

MAE Poster

January 19, 2011

OK. We did several things in regards to the new MAE Poster assignment. We analyzed a really bad bulletin board poster. We determined who this design is for and the necessary info buried in the ugly design that should carry forward into the new design. The intent of the poster was identified as well as the "Action" steps we want the viewer to take. Right? We also conducted an initial group creative session to try to determine a creative approach and concept to base the design upon. I just didn't feel the love from that session. So your task is to redesign this poster to promote the identified event to a target audience. You want the viewer to do something specific.

You have three, one-color (black) designs for Friday to complete. 2 hours budgeted for each design, 6 hours total. One is text only, one using a vector graphic and one using a photograh (that you shoot). The use of a graphic and a photograph are new components to figure out how to use in a design. Let's see what you can do. Impress me please. Remember that a design has to first stop the viewer and cause them to look at your poster. Once you have them "sucked in" you impart the necessary information for what you want the viewer to do. Be creative! Have a .pdf ready and the designs packaged from InDesign. Track your time.

Use your stranded type list for type selection, and use a frigg'n grid. No display type! The copy of the original ugly poster is hanging at the front of OP1210.

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