Monthly Archives: January 2011

How Safe and Secrets of Feeling Full Magazine spread designs

January 31, 2011

Two new magazine spreads to design. Two separate articles. How Safe? and The Secret of Feeling Full. The copy and the specs are in the Food Spread Copy.pdf on my Public/ART321 Viscom 2 folder. They are different sizes, so read carefully. Two similar problems to solve in using imagery within copy spreads, but different in … Read More

The Saga Continues…

For Wednesday, we are still trying to approve a number of the Red Barn Student posters, 63 Newsletters, the Jazz Combo poster and rev. 2 of the Stress Magazine spreads. Some of you have made some progress and have a layout or two approved. If you haven't had any approved yet, fix them and we … Read More

Some Technical Things

January 27, 2011

Here are some of the things we've talked about in class for far. Bleeds are 1/8 inch Half-tone screens/Color separations: is a field of dots to simulate tone in the laser and off-set printing technologies. Half-tone screens are measured in dots per inch (dpi). Resolution of a digital image (pixels per inch – ppi) must … Read More

Stress Magazine Spread Design

New assignment: design a 2-page magazine spread for an article about stress. This time you are not coming up with the overall concept to promote something, but a design to present the article in a manner that is readable and visually impactful. The idea for spread design is that a reader will thumb through a … Read More

Are we there yet?

January 26, 2011

For Friday, we will look at Red Barn, Highway 63 (printed), and the Jazz Combo poster again. Red Barn and Jazz poster – desperately in need of concepts. Stating what the event is with a graphic or picture isn't really doing what I am wanting. It isn't just visual… I want a creative thought to … Read More

More revisions

January 24, 2011

For Wednesday… you are reworking type on the Highway 63 newsletter (again) and reworking the Student Red Barn poster layouts. Tweaking type on the newsletter and readdressing the poster – many from scratch. Most were devoid of concept or at least not well communicated. Yes, most looked really bad. I would like to be able … Read More

Kirksville Arts Association Red Barn Poster

January 21, 2011

For Monday have a layout/design ready to look at for the Kirksville Arts Asssociation Red Barn poster. This is a poster to get Truman art students to participate at Red Barn. I'm looking for a much better approach, concept and design to promote to a creative audience. Develop and have a concept to promote to … Read More

Rework 63 Newsletter

For Monday, rework to improve your layout on the Highway 63 newsletter. The first drafts sucked… sorry. This time use as much time as you need to get the layout to an approveable state. How much time for you does it take? This is good information to know and understand about yourself. Printed duplex and … Read More

MAE Poster

January 19, 2011

OK. We did several things in regards to the new MAE Poster assignment. We analyzed a really bad bulletin board poster. We determined who this design is for and the necessary info buried in the ugly design that should carry forward into the new design. The intent of the poster was identified as well as … Read More

Second animated type masthead design

January 14, 2011

Same drill for your second animaged .gif using your new poster design. This time you are limited to B/W only. I don't want to complicate things with color. Due on Wednesday as well. You have a 3 hour budget for this animation. Make it look good. This one should be much better than the first … Read More