Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio

November 23, 2009

Time to start prepping for your final portfolio.

Here is what I want to see included.

  1. Total of 8 of your best designs – Exercises and Projects. The Red Barn campaign, Joe Six-Pack, and the CD packaging/label counts as one design.
  2. I want one multiple-page .pdf of the designs you select – turned in on Titanium/Hand in/VCII/Final Portfolios. I want the .pdf file in a folder with your First and Last name.
  3. Also, post on your blog your final designs and final thoughts on your portfolio.

As an Art Director looking at a portfolio to possibly hire a new designer, I would look for these things in a portfolio

  1. Ability to generate creative concepts for the items shown in the portfolio
  2. Ability to work with large blocks of type. Typography/typesetting skills
  3. Ability to work within a design structure and/or knowing when not to.
  4. Ability to work creatively/successfully with imagery: Photography, illustration and graphics
  5. If the designer has any specialty skills like photographic or illustrative abilities
  6. If the designer is knowledgeable about print production issues
  7. If the designer has a breadth in their design vocabulary / sophistication to their design
  8. If the designer has awareness and confidence in their abilities

That's it. That's what I need to be shown in a portfolio before I would hire a new designer. So, put together a portfolio that convinces me you know what you are doing and why. Look over all items you want to use in your portfolio and rework the designs to fix the problems. In a sense, this final portfolio is your last project – one last design opportunity for you this semester. Add labels, relevant project information and possibly a time breakdown. Put your best foot forward and make this look professional.

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