New Project – Multipanel direct-mailer design

New Project – Multipanel direct-mailer design

October 16, 2009

OK, we have been working on posters and spreads for the first part of the semester. Now we move into the multiple-panel design. This type of design will be a mainstay for you as a designer. Depending upon where you will work, you will be designing many pamphlets, statement stuffers, direct mail pieces and other items requiring a design to function in a complex series of panels and reveals.

The Client: Society of Illustrators

The Problem: To promote to illustrators and art directors the next illustration competition to be published in the Illustrators 53 Annual Book.

The Audience: The entire gamut of illustrators working in the professional field. Do some research.

Take a look at their website: Society of Illustrators

Production specs and copy: Download Society of Illustrators

Your task as the designer is design a visually interesting layout that imparts the necessary information to the intended audience. You can utilize in your design contemporary or historic illustration artwork or create your own if you are brave enough. This design is not only informational and promotional, but also serves as a poster.

The copy I'm providing is a mix of the current poster and previous competitions – so they will not match. You must utilize the copy I have provided. The original design was not a direct mailer (it came in an envelope) – What you are designing is (no envelope). You will see that I have panel designations in the copy – you do not have to use the copy the way I have designated or the way it is ordered. That is your design decision. Read the copy and watch for my nine finger typing errors. Proof carefully – watch for information inconsistencies too.

I want you to present your creative concept(s) for this piece on Wednesday, October 21st. What does that mean? Initial design comp – full size/front and back is due on Monday, October 26th. 

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