Active Jobs Deadlines

Active Jobs Deadlines

October 16, 2009

We have two projects in progress.

Professional Image layouts: Final Due Date is October 23. Here's what I want. Select the best of the three for the final printout and to turn in so I can review your production files. I want the live InDesign file in a job folder with your name on it. Inside the folder should be the indd doc, a folder of links, a folder of fonts and a txt instruction file that is generated when you package the document. That's all I need. No psds, various versions, etc… Think of me as your supplier who will output film to go to press. Check your doc and bleed setup, import file formats (what are they?), updated links, color modes, size and resolutiuon in your raster links and any other little nit-picky production issues. Clean out the InDesign color pallet of any unused colors. Blog the other two final designs not printed.

October article layout: 2nd rev is due on the 21st. Prep for art direction and internal presentation.

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