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Is anyone still there?

October 31, 2009

Wow, I haven't blogged in a while, but now I'm back online to get you all caught back up. We are currently working on the Society of Illustrators Call to Action direct mailer and the Red Barn campaign. We still have two packaging projects to design before the end of the semester. I've worked out … Read More

Society of Illustrators Direct Mailer

We have looked at rev 1 of SofI and are proceeding to rev 2 on Monday the 9th. This one is full-size either printed off of the color inkjet printer or tile printed off of the laser printer, taped together, backed up and folded. I want to interact with it the way you intend in … Read More

Red Barn Campaign

OK, Red Barn campaign is in-progress, right? We are looking at the first layout version of all the campaign items on Wednesday the 4th. This includes the pamphlet, poster, ad and banner ad. You should have a strong promotional CONCEPT and initial layouts to review at that time. For rev 1, half-size is fine. I … Read More

Joe 6-Pack

The first packaging design is for a product. What I'm wanting design-wise is an appropriate 6-pack carrier and a label design for the six bottles or containers for the following products. Adult beverage (beer, mead, spirits, wine spritzer, hard lemonade, etc…) Carbonated or non-carbonated soft drink(s) Some other liquid product that can be marketed in … Read More

Revised Friday Deadlines

October 21, 2009

Due on Friday: – 1 final printout of the Professional Photography Project: Flush mount if you choose your poster, border mount if you choose one of the spreads. Turning in Live Production Files from InDesign with fonts and links. Watch all those picky production issues like bleed setup, color modes, resolutions, updated/missing links etc… Think … Read More

Merry Christmas (early)

October 20, 2009

OK, boy have you caught a break. I need to pick up Ping Xu tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. and take him out to the airport. I should be back by 8:30. So, you don't have to be in class until 8:30 on Wednesday. Have your 2nd Rev of the October spread ready to look at.

Viscom Candidate to present

October 16, 2009

Hope everyone is enjoying their break. Just wanted to let you know that on Monday, Ping Xu, the candidate for the Viscom position will be making a teaching demonstration to our class. I'm picking him up at 8:00 a.m. and will be to class shortly after. You don't have to be at class at 7:30 … Read More

New Project – Red Barn promotional campaign

Remember back a few weeks ago, I had you take photos for a project concerning Red Barn. Well it's time to dust the pics off and get ready to use them. Here's the project. The Kirksville Arts Association sponsors the Red Barn Arts and Crafts Festival. They need to have a small promotional campaign designed … Read More

New Project – Multipanel direct-mailer design

OK, we have been working on posters and spreads for the first part of the semester. Now we move into the multiple-panel design. This type of design will be a mainstay for you as a designer. Depending upon where you will work, you will be designing many pamphlets, statement stuffers, direct mail pieces and other … Read More

Active Jobs Deadlines

We have two projects in progress. Professional Image layouts: Final Due Date is October 23. Here's what I want. Select the best of the three for the final printout and to turn in so I can review your production files. I want the live InDesign file in a job folder with your name on it. … Read More