New Project(s) with Professional Photography choice

New Project(s) with Professional Photography choice

September 30, 2009

So you have chosen professional grade photography. You have a quality imagery to work with. The idea for this project comes from an old article in CA featuring a design studio and the Creative Director talking about a poster he designed. For years he wanted to use a specific photograph of Elvis in his early years on stage in some design. He finally got an opportunity and built a concept and design using this image for a client and their problem. The concept was driven by the image, but was still relevant to the client's problem. That is essentially what I'm looking for you to do. You have a specific image and you have to come up with three different "clients" and problems to solve using the image you picked. You will have to identify who the client's are, what the problems are and write/acquire the appropriate copy. You have three layouts to produce:

1. 13 x 19, 4-color, full-bleed Poster design promoting an event for someone/something.
2. 2-page Magazine Ad – promoting a product or service for a "real" client. Flat size is 11 x 17, 4-color, full- bleed. Remember in ads you try to highlight benefits of using the service or product and point out any features that might help sell the service or product. Yes, you will need to develop copy for this. Brownie points go to those that use a lot of text – don't wussy out on the text blocks.
3. 2-page Magazine Article Spread for a fiction or non-fiction article. Flat size is 11 x 17, 4-color, full- bleed. Ditto on the Brownie points listed in #2. What magazine is this article for? You choose.

Each layout has different clients, concepts and problems to solve. Have fun doing something you are interested in. So, these should look really, really good because you are interested, right? Boy, do I have high expectations for these.

Can you modify the image? – yes, but why. It is already is a good photo. Have a good reason for any alterations.
Can you use other images? – yes, but the one you showed today is the main/dominant image.

I'm planning on looking at your production files. I want technically correct documents. What does that mean?

Initial Layouts due for all three on Wednesday.

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