Type-heavy layout and design

Type-heavy layout and design

September 14, 2009

OK, the first series of layouts we've dealt with have been concept and image driven. The next series of layouts are dealing with management of information in the form of text-blocks. Making text look good in a design. Typesetting. So, the first is a 2 page magazine spread for Mature Living Magazine. It is an article about Stress. Appropriate?

Specs: Page size: 8.5 x 11, Spread size would be what? 4 color, with a bleed. You can use photography, illustration or graphics you develop or legally purchase. No copyrighted images.

This design should function to present the information in the article in an easy to read way. The design again functions to stop the reader as the flip through the articles in the magazine.

Download Stress out copy

Download Stress out copyrft.rft

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